Smart Contracts


  • Account: User-owned smart contract accounts.

  • AccountFactory: Factory to create new smart contract account.


  • ACoconut: ACoconut goverance token.

  • ACoconutBTC: ACoconut BTC which is a synthetic BTC ERC20 token backed by a basket of BTC ERC20 tokens.

  • ACoconutExchange: An BTC ERC20 token exchange that bootstraps the value of ACoconutBTC.

  • ACoconutExchangeProxy: Proxy for ACoconutExchangeProxy

  • ACoconutVault: Vault that earns yield as well as helping migration into ACoconutExchange.

  • CurveRenCrvMigrator: Migrates's RenCrv into ACoconutExchange.



  • Curve:'s interfaces

  • Uniswap: Uniswap's interfaces

  • Vault

    • Controller: Controls reward distributions to rewarded vaults.

    • Vault: YEarn's style vault that collect assets to earn yield.

    • RewardedVault: A vault that can distribute rewards for a seperate reward token.

    • StrategyCurveRenBTC: An earning strategy for's renCrv vault.